Read Him Like a Book: How to Decipher Men’s Body Language to Get What You Want in Dating and Relationships

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In a world where online dating has consumed the lives of so many, women are going on more dates than ever, looking for mister right. In addition, when you’re single, spending time out with friends, shopping, working and even going to the gym all become a trolling grounds for meeting a mate.

Knowing how to read a man’s body language will reveal all kinds of things about him and his intentions… before he even says a word!
This book is written by a guy for women to help them better understand the more subtle aspects of a man’s body language… whether you’ve just met or are already in a relationship.
Here are just a few things you’ll learn from this book:
  • how to avoid embarrassing moments by instantly reading if he’s interested in you or just being nice(so many women actually have no clue)
  • what men are really looking for in women, and how to have it
  • what his posture is saying about his mood, no matter what his mouth says
  • the different types of slouching, and what they mean
  • why men’s facial expressions convey feelings they’re not even aware of, what they mean, and how to respond to them
  • how to tell when he’s completely shut down and why it’s completely useless to continue the conversation
  • a simple thing to watch for that will let you know he’s not hearing a word you’re saying… even if he can repeat your last sentence back to you!
  • the 4 levels of personal space and why it’s crucial to watch how he uses them
  • why the way he stands matters… and what his different stances mean
  • why his arms are really the windows to his soul… not his eyes
  • the 3 main patterns of male conflict resolution, and how to undersand and effectively deal with each one
  • how to read any guy’s internal “lie detector” like a FBI interrogator
  • how you can use your own body language to reel him in, land him, and keep the one you want
What other readers have said:
“I am currently helping my friend build her website in the subject of relationships. When I first got this book it grew on me, it’s easy to read and quite to the point. I really like the way the author gives out the information in a fresh, non convoluted way. He tends to be quite observant through is writing, and in a book on body language this is very important.”
“And people say us women are complicated? Please. Men are the complicated ones. It always turns out the the seemingly nice guys are liars, and the bad boys are..well.. bad. This book was awesome for actually learning the tell-tale signs to determine how a guy is, what he is thinking, and more. I didn’t realize there were so many little things that can give you insight on what’s going on in a guys head, or personality in general. Little things I would have never thought meant anything like posture, eye contact, and even facial expressions. Next time a guy is trying to pick me up somewhere I will know within minutes what he is like.”
Pick up your copy today… you’ll be amazed how much easier your dating life is when you can read a guy’s body language like a book!


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