Seasons of the Heart: Men and Women Talk About Love, Sex, and Romance After 60


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Journalist Zenith Gross encourages readers to discover their own ways to express love, sensuality, and sexuality during the 20 to 40 years of life after they turn 60. Through her interviews with more than 300 men and women, she uncovers the elements of and barriers to happiness that cross ethnic, economic, religious, and cultural boundaries. This book helps dispel the myths of aging and illuminates how good romance – and sex – can be in later life. Gross culled 153 personal accounts for this book, including those of average men and women as well as famous elders, including Nelson Mandela (recently remarried at 80), Carolyn Heilburn (author, teacher, and feminist), William Segal (businessman and Zen teacher), and Ossie Davis and Ruby Dee (actors married more than 50 years).