SoulMate Map: Choose the Real Mr. Right!

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Do you have a broken “picker?” Do you seem to pick the wrong type of guy over & over again? Have you ever thought this: “If he loved me, he would know what I want.” Need a little help in finding your soul mate?

It’s Time You Discovered the SoulMate Map!

Take a short cut to finding Mr Right. Renowned relationship expert Denise Culley takes you through practical steps to discover exactly what is holding you back from finding love. Avoid repeating the same old mistakes that are keeping you from the loving committed relationship you deserve. Find out the type of man who is perfect for you and learn how to recognize a “diamond in the rough.”

Each of the four stages of dating has a specific purpose. Learn what to do in each stage to uncover the right information, and find out if you want your date to move on to the next stage, or if it’s time to let him go. Learn the scientific, objective way to let go of a past love so you can move on to a better relationship. Plus, you’ll also learn some surefire, fun ways to become irresistible to men…THIS is priceless information!

Don’t Leave Love to Chance!

If you are serious about changing your success with men, or simply need some hope and encouragement, this is without a doubt one of the most life-altering books you will ever read. You will never again be fooled by charming men with the wrong intentions!

  • Learn the one true test that shows a man is into you
  • Why men are taking you for granted and what you can change to fix it!
  • 10 new ways to raise the bar and balance high standards
  • Uncovering the traits and qualities specific for your perfect match
  • Compatibility tests – How does he rate?

Is this You?

  • Single and Frustrated? This book will teach you which pitfalls to avoid.
  • Still Hurt by Past Love? Chapter 12 shows how to let go!
  • Wondering Why You Are Not Attracting the Right Guys? After following the 10 steps, new men will come into your life!
  • Afraid to Date? How to get back into dating.
  • Considering Marriage? Before you “I do”, find out if your match will last!
  • Contemplating Divorce? Is there still hope for your man?

How It Works

SoulMate Map is a love education book to help women find love. It offers dating advice, relationship advice, and dating tips from dating coach and relationship expert, Denise Culley, to help you find your love, your soul mate! The SoulMate Map started as a weekend workshop hosted by Denise and her husband. After seeing amazing results from her workshop attendees and years of client counseling, Denise wrote the SoulMate Map to reach thousands more. Finding love with the right person is one of the most important things you will do in your life. Spend time now to make the right decision that will have a huge impact on your future happiness.

Denise Gets Results!

“Denise’s dating system really gave me the confidence to date without angst. The process worked perfectly. The end result is the best relationship I could ever imagine.”

“I met Denise during a crossroads. I was engaged and the wedding was only a few months away. I was concerned because my fiance and I were arguing a lot and having trouble understanding each other. Not only did Denise’s approach help me to see clearly that we should be together, but we rarely are mad with each other and in fact are the happiest couple I know.”


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