The Dumbest Mistakes Men Make With Women

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Do You Make These DUMB Mistakes With Women Too?

How To Make Yourself Instantly More Attractive To Women (Even Get Her In The Mood)&

Would you like to know a big secret about success with women?

Here it is: women make decisions about men based on whether or not they feel “chemistry.” If do, they’ll do everything they can to be with you, if they don’t, they’ll run away fast. What creates chemistry is male behavior, and most men kill chemistry by unknowingly engaging in the wrong behavior. When you eliminate that behavior, you make yourself instantly more able to attract women, and this new ebook shows you what common male behaviors to eliminate and how to get inside her head.

My name is John Alanis, and for the past 8 years I have given all kinds of different men dating advice on how to attract the women they really want, no matter their looks, age, income, social status or past failures with women. One of the biggest problems I hear from my students is, “I met a woman and things were going great, then she stopped answering my calls. Now she’s disappeared–why?”

There is good news when it comes to dating for men. When a woman does this, it’s because she’s no longer feeling chemistry for you, and that’s because you unknowingly behaved in a way that killed it. Few men know what behaviors kill attraction, but when you do, you can eliminate that behavior, making yourself instantly more attractive, achieving success with women.

I recently commissioned Hilary LiDestri, a published dating advice author to catalog all the attraction killing behaviors, something only a woman can do. What she shares is amazing. When you know what is revealed in this book, you can eliminate these behaviors and suddenly start succeeding with women in hours, even get your ex back.

Here is what is revealed in this new dating advice book for men:

  • What kills attraction on a first meeting irresistble
  • What not to do on a first date so you can get a second one
  • Conversational missteps to always avoid that do NOT get her in the mood
  • Clothes you should never wear (these always kill attraction)
  • The 7 common attraction killing behaviors most men unwittingly engage in
  • The truth about smart phones, texting, social media, and other electronic forms of communication that kill attraction over and over
  • …and much, much more. When you eliminate these attraction killing mistakes, youíll make yourself instantly more attractive to all the women in your life, whether itís a woman you just met, or women youíve known all your life. Also, you get access to the bonus video series that reveals step by step how to attract the women you really desire.

    Consider this: you can keep unknowingly doing the same old things that kill attraction and keep getting the same results with women, never getting inside her. Or, you can step up to the big leagues, invest in this new book, and start eliminating attraction killing behaviors most men will never know about. You’ll become immediately more attractive to women, admired and respected by them. Click the orange buy button right now to claim your copy of this new dating guid for men, and you too can make yourself instantly more attractive to the women you really want.

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