The Masculine Way: What Your Dream Girl Really Wants – Dissecting Alpha Males, Pickup Artists and Nice Guys

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This book is not meant to teach you routines for picking up women, or to give you the secrets on how to get her into bed in three easy steps. You’re not meant to carry this book around as your go-to guide when you see a hot girl that you want to get to know. If you are looking for a quick fix, you should buy another book. What this book is truly about is rediscovering your masculinity that society has beaten out of you, if you even had it to begin with. A philosophical journey which will have you questioning all that you have believed up until recently, and a cognitive path that will show you the steps you need to take in order to be a man who truly warrants, attracts and settles for nothing less than his Dream Girl.

Included within the book are sections covering:
-12 Things Nice Guys do that Screw Things Up
-6 Things About Bad Boys that Drive Women Wild
-4 Key “Good Man” Character Traits Women Value
-The Truth About Flirting and Attraction Skills that Pickup Artists Never Share
-Why Moving too Quickly Hurts Men More than Moving too Slowly
-Why the Average Man Does Not Meet Enough Women, and how to Do So
-The Secret Behind Your Car, Money & Looks as far as Women are Concerned
-Lessons in Giving Up Too Quickly vs. Not Quickly Enough
-The Plight of Men who are Simply Not Interesting
-Hidden Realities of Angry Men and how it Affects their Success
-What Living in your Own Head Truly Means, and how it Hurts You
-Seeking Approval vs. Giving Approval
-Philosophical Overview on why Your Perception of Reality is Flawed
-Overcoming Limiting Beliefs
-The Importance of a Man’s Purpose in Life
-Analyzing what Makes a Dream Girl
-The Subtle and Not-so-Subtle Differences Between Alpha Males, Pickup Artists and Nice Guys

Also includes a free bonus section highlighting the 20 phases of a man’s level of proficiency with women, showing you in linear detail just how far along the path you are in being with your true Dream Girl.


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