The Naughty Girl Playbook: 128 Plays To Become His Fantasy While Having Fun

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If you are not ready to create a raging fire of passion in your relationship


Once you begin, there is no turning back. You’ve been warned…

I want to start off by telling you a story of a man.

This man had a life full of great relationships, but found himself noticing that in each and every one of them, eventually the spark would fade. The raging fire of passion would slowly die into an ember.

As time went by he accepted that this is how relationships must be.

Then he met his first naughty girl and his view of the world changed forever.

That man was me and since then I have taken on the cause of helping more women connect with their naughty, sexy, and more playful side.

Over the last year, I embarked on a special project to find out why we are facing such a drought of naughtiness in the world and how to help women embrace it.

You may be asking, what exactly is a naughty girl?

A naughty girl does not mean kinky, slutty, trashy, or anything like that. A naughty girl is a woman who is sexually free. She’s not ashamed to let him know that she likes sex as much as he does. She realizes that removing this barrier only makes him happier and the relationship more satisfying.

  1. A naughty girl seduces him while letting herself become seduced by her own ideas. She teases, builds sexual tension, surprises him and creates mystery to drive him wild!
  2. A naughty girl holds the key to releasing his primal side.
  3. A naughty girl builds his anticipation so high, that when the time comes, he wants nothing more than to ravish her!

Sound complicated? Not even slightly.

After I formulated my ideas into a system, I gave it to some female friends of mine who felt like their relationship was missing something. I told them to try one play every day for a week and let me know the results.

The week after, we all met for lunch and the conversations blew me away! The stories they told about their experiences let me know that I had to get this information to as many women as possible ASAP

I have created this book of plays for you to run so you can share these same experiences and enjoy the amazing effect being naughty has on him and you. By the time you are through, you will wonder how you lived your life without having this much fun!

Inside this book includes the followings:

  • Ways to make him so hot and bothered in public that he will be ready to rip off your clothes in front of everyone…but can’t
  • Naughty plays that you can run around the house to get him fantasizing about you while he is gone
  • Sexy games to play that will get you both hot between the legs
  • New approaches to foreplay that he has never felt before
  • Sex plays that will give him a “wow, what was that!” moment that will stay with him for years to come

The naughty girl. Every man’s fantasy.

If you are ready to begin, click the buy button and let’s get started.

Let’s make this world a naughty one 😉



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