The Science of Relationships: Answers to Your Questions about Dating, Marriage, and Family

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If you could ask any question about relationships, marriage, family, or parenting, what would you ask? Coincidentally, we’ve just published a book (that big title up there) that answers 40 of the most common questions. The book is edited by the creators of, and includes contributions from us and many of our colleagues. The key difference between our book and the other books on relationships out there is that all of our contributors are relationship scientists and teachers at colleges/universities who are true experts on relationships. We take that expertise, add in a little research, and present things in an easy to read format.

Here are the questions that we address:

Section 1: Attraction and Relationship Initiation

1. What makes someone hot, and others not? (Dr. Gary Lewandowski)
2. How can I tell if someone is interested in me? (Dr. Debra Mashek)
3. What’s the best way to meet someone? (Dr. Benjamin Le)

Section 2: Love

4. Are we meant to be monogamous? (Dr. Lorne Campbell)
5. What is the purpose of love? (Dr. Lorne Campbell)
6. Is love blind? (Dr. Lisa Neff)
7. Does love last forever? (Dr. Lorne Campbell)

Section 3: Intimacy and Attachment

8. Are some people more ready for relationships than others? (Dr. Robin Edelstein)
9. Is there any truth to the saying that “we marry our father/mother”? (Dr. Robin Edelstein)
10. Isn’t being too close to a partner a bad thing? (Dr. Debra Mashek)
11. How similar or different are homosexual and heterosexual relationships? (Dr. Jennifer Harman)

Section 4: Long-Term Relationship Processes

12. Is distance bad for relationships? (Dr. Timothy Loving)
13. How do I know if I’ve found Ms./Mr. Right? (Dr. Jody Davis)
14. Should I live with my partner before we get married? (Dr. Timothy Loving)
15. Are people less happy after they get married? (Dr. Nancy Frye)
16. Is relationship counseling useful? (Dr. Eshkol Rafaeli)

Section 5: Relationship Cognitions

17. I have high expectations for my relationship. Is that bad? (Dr. Lisa Neff)
18. My family and friends don’t like my partner. Should I listen to them? (Dr. Jody Davis)
19. I believe for a relationship to work, partners must be “soul mates.” Am I right? (Dr. Benjamin Le)

Section 6: The Dark Side of Relationships

20. What is cheating and its consequences? (Dr. Gary Lewandowski)
21. Why do people cheat in relationships? (Dr. Gary Lewandowski)
22. Isn’t a little jealousy a good thing? (Dr. Robin Edelstein)
23. Why do people stay in bad or abusive relationships? (Dr. Nancy Frye)
24. How will my breakup affect me? (Dr. Gary Lewandowski)

Section 7: Resources, Power, and Conflict

25. Should we combine our money? (Dr. Marci Gleason)
26. Will my husband resent me if I make more money than he does? (Dr. Jennifer Harman)
27. Why does one person in a relationship always tend to get his or her own way? (Dr. Minda Oriña)
28. Is fighting with my partner a bad sign? (Dr. Lisa Neff)
29. Should I really “forgive and forget” when my partner isn’t perfect or messes up? (Dr. Nancy Frye)

Section 8: Sex

30. How long should I wait before sleeping with my partner? (Dr. Jennifer Harman)
31. Does sex lead to love, or does love lead to sex? Is one “direction” better? (Dr. Jennifer Harman)
32. Will we stop having sex once we are married? (Dr. Jennifer Harman)
33. How does my sex life stack up to others? (Dr. Benjamin Le)

Section 9: Expanding the Family

34. Am I wrong for not wanting to have kids? (Dr. Timothy Loving)
35. What will happen to us if my partner and I are unable to have kids? (Dr. Marci Gleason)
36. Will having kids ruin our relationship? (Dr. Jody Davis)
37. Is there a “good” time to have kids? (Dr. Jody Davis)

Section 10: Parenting

38. What makes a parent a “good” parent? (Dr. Minda Oriña)
39. Is there a best way to discipline my kids? (Dr. Timothy Loving)
40. Am I a bad parent for putting my child in childcare? (Dr. Minda Oriña)