What You Should Know About Finding Love and a Man to Marry

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The concept of finding the ‘right’ man or a soul mate has become somewhat of a myth. Every woman has searched high and low for love and had a few disappointing run-ins along the way. Women often doubt and blame themselves, not realizing that this is a timeless issue that millions of women suffer from. Statistics in the US indicating that every one in two marriages ends in divorce only makes it sound worse. It is often the case that these experiences tend to discourage women to the extent that they start doubting the existence of good men and true love.

Author Katalina is here to tell you how wrong that perception really is. She presents several arguments affirming the existence of a prince charming for every single woman out there. With the right guidance and attitude, she says it is possible for all women to find their very own ‘Mr. Right’ for a loving and long lasting marriage.

The book features advice from happily married couples who went through the arduous process of seeking out their soulmates and provides guidance on avoiding desperation and depression, how to better yourself by identifying all your qualities and how to take control of your relationships. This book is a must-read if you want to live your fairy tale with your very own prince charming.


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