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FIND REAL LOVE!!! If you are a girl, I promise you that if you follow what I suggest, you will be the woman that all men want to be with. If you are a guy, I guarantee that if you follow my advice, hundreds of females will want to meet you, literally hundreds. I guarantee it! Why Relationships Fail addresses the ruptured modern relationships. It identifies what caused it, what damage has been done, and the changes required to correct it. As things are now, a single man or woman has very little chance of having a happy relationship.

Each desperately wants to love and be loved, but their desperation only drives them to more heartbreak and misery. They don’t understand why they can’t find “the one.” There’s a good reason why, and I’ll explain it in detail.

But a note of warning. For many, your first reaction will be to reject what I have to say. Please work through this reaction and seriously consider what I’m proposing because the tragic consequences of this problem stretch far beyond the individual. They encompass all levels of society and have an adverse effect on every citizen.

The most disastrous and heart breaking effect is the one imposed upon the children, who through no fault of their own, suffer and then perpetuate the problem.

I present the information herein in a straightforward manner so there will be no misunderstandings.

You will understand exactly what I mean, and it may offend some. But the truth often does.

Women will have the hardest time finding true love—not because there aren’t good men available, but because women have strayed so far from being the kind of female a good man wants. Don’t get me wrong; I’m not bashing women.

I have a great deal of empathy and understanding for their plight. I know that they’re trying their best to make things work, but the problem is they don’t have the information necessary to succeed.

Women keep doing all the wrong things over and over again because that’s what they’re being taught by their peers and by the people they trust. They read books and articles written by writers who don’t have a clue about why these women are having relationship problems.

For women to get what they want, what they need, they must first understand the problem and accept its validity. Then they can get honest information about how to proceed. I’m offering that in this book without any cajoling or concern about hurt feelings. I want lonely people to find the love and happiness they’re looking for. If it helps just one person, then the two years spent writing this book will have been worth it.

The solution for men is to work at making themselves worthy of a good female, mainly by becoming someone a woman can respect and trust and assume the role of leader in the relationship. They need to accept the Army’s challenge to “be all they can be.” If a man seriously decides to do what it takes to find a perfect mate, there is a solution ready and waiting for him. I will reveal that solution. And if he embraces it, I can guarantee without exception, he will have literally hundreds, even thousands, of females from which to choose. All that is required from him is that he’s a good man.

This relationship problem is a serious one and it won’t get any better unless people recognize what’s causing it and then do something about it. If you want a happy and satisfying relationship, you can have it. I promise.