Winning Wisdom For Relationship With A Purpose

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Winning wisdom for relationship with a purpose is a must read for anyone who is serious about life and serious about how they navigate life through or with relationship. The book gives help and advice about love and purpose; about marriage; and then dating and what to look for or settle before talking of marrying. Relationship is the life wire for anyone who knows what their purpose in life is; because, destiny is not just about the road we travel in, but more about who we travel the road with; because that is where the grace of our journey flows from.

Relationship is a cover and a defense; and where we get refreshed or restore our soul from. But more importantly relationship is the grace or atmosphere that our potential thrive by and what we use in converting our God given dream to its destiny’s equivalent.Relationship holds the key to the kind of life we will live. But the kind of life we are already living or the principles that we live by before any relationship is what determines what we attract as or in a relationship.

Principles work more outside of or before any relationship ensues. Because, relationship or love itself is the power we give to another to be themselves in our life. And so, before anyone comes into our life, how we live, what we want out of life and where we want to go or are doing with our life, must help us in our decision in choosing friends and attracting a partner.

You will find a lot of help and gain wisdom about how to live your life within its purpose, and you will find help on attracting the right partner and how to make your relationship work for you, by reading, “Winning Wisdom For Relationship With A Purpose.