You Got Her Number, What Now? – The Best Dating Advice and Tips to Text and Talk to Women over the Phone

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What To Do After You Got Her Number? How To Make Her Like You

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This book contains proven steps and strategies for dealing with the initial getting-to-know awkwardness which troubles a lot of men. It presents simple sociological concepts about dating which can be an anxious affair but will also ultimately be a colorful time for socializing and self-discovery.

Dating takes one into a whirlwind of emotions – from the giddiness of attraction, to the very real possibility of rejection. It makes you discover things about your date, and also – and this may be just as important – about yourself. You realize your capacity for empathy, recognize the traits that attract you, and perhaps eventually you will discover how attraction can lead to love.

Here Is A Preview Of What You’ll Discover…

  • Starting the conversation
  • Dealing With Rejection
  • Tips On The Phone
  • Dating
  • And much more!

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