Your True Self – Practical Guide #1 of Order the Man of Your Dreams (Dating Advice Collection)

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Are you tired of dating guys, dating sites, dating books, dating tips, speed dating, and mate seeking???

Are you ready for receiving the loving relationship you deserve, for finding your partner for life, for finding love, for finding happiness, and your dream man???

This is not just an additional dating book for women looking for men!

Single women looking far and wide for their soul mate have much to learn from love coach Olivia Engelstein, author of “Order the Man of Your Dreams, a Tasty Recipe to Find Love”. Now, “Your True Self” is the first of her two Practical Guides that supplement her groundbreaking work to point women everywhere in the direction of true love: deep within themselves.

With the help of this first Practical Guide, you’ll identify the inner woman of your dreams, and gain the deep acceptance and connection with yourself that will finally lead you to meet your desired man, exactly as it happened to the author ten years ago and to the numerous women she is coaching since then.

Your True Self works as if retraining your brain, giving you the techniques to heal your low self-esteem, stand upright, and be calm and confident as you walk your way to love. And, on the other side of this transformation in the way you view life and yourself, the man of your dreams is waiting to embrace your sparkling, special true self. In doing so, the author offers crucial new perspective on dating by for example putting women on a “dating diet” that helps them look differently at every single date to determine if the dynamic at play is working from a place of low self-esteem or not. She invites them to not compromise anymore. Changing your perspective on this all-important dynamic is essential to establishing a long lasting, healthy relationship.

With warmth, wisdom, and actionable steps, this guide can help you think positive and wake up every day happier, stronger, and more fulfilled. Your True Self furthers the approach shared in Order the Man of Your Dreams, helping single women awaken their true selves through insights, instruction, and a series of exercises. Through this very surprising, deep, and empowering process, women will reconnect, or connect more strongly, to the amazing women they are.


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