Yoyo Dad 2: Dating Well in an Up and Down World

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What do you know about dating well? How would you answer these dating questions? Among twenty unhappily married couples who chose not to divorce, five years later how many were happy? —– (Seventeen, 86% reported improvement, see Chapter 1 Divorce Hurts). When future soul mates meet, they immediately know that they have found ?the one.? —– (False, see Chapter 5 on Dating Well with CUBS). Out of ten couples who choose to live together romantically, on average how many will still be together in five years? —– (One, 90% will break up, see Chapter 2 Knots: Living Together). This book is designed to provide information and guidance on dating well. The premise is simple: your choices while single and young have an enormous impact on the type of relationship you will have once you marry. Sadly, many people act as if the choices they make before they get married don?t matter and those choices then undermine their odds for a great marriage. We are here to help point out pitfalls and propose principles for your dating journey so that you can make healthy decisions that lead to romantic success.